Wrobel Engineering Featured in New Advertisements for Eastern Bank

Avon, MA — January 2019. Beginning in June 2018, Wrobel Engineering (Wrobel) began appearing in a new advertising campaign from Eastern Bank. The campaign of radio, television, and billboards focuses on successful women-owned businesses throughout the region that are long-time Eastern Bank customers. Elizabeth Wrobel, CEO of Wrobel Engineering, is featured in the Wrobel/Eastern Bank spots.

“I’m not one to seek personal attention,” said Ms. Wrobel. “I’m much more comfortable with the focus on our Company, our quality, and our incredible team that makes it all work. When Eastern Bank originally invited me to participate in the campaign, I declined. However, after learning more about the campaign and it’s potential to influence other women to follow their dreams and pursue leadership roles in business, I decided to step forward. Twenty years ago, Eastern Bank was the first bank to accept me as a highly-skilled, highly-qualified business partner and we’ve been with them ever since. There are hundreds of exceptional women-owned business throughout New England. The attention Eastern Bank is bringing to those companies is good for our economy and good for everyone who lives and works here.”

Wrobel Engineering was founded in 1976 by Elizabeth Wrobel and her husband Jerry, young immigrants from Poland seeking to build their lives in the American Dream. In 1989 Jerry died unexpectedly and Elizabeth was thrust into the role of running and managing the struggling company while raising two young children. With hard work and determination she grew the company from three employees in 1976 to more than 90 employees today with sales and shipping to customers around the globe, and a reputation for delivering American Quality Manufacturing at its best.

“Every Wrobel employee is extremely proud of the Eastern Bank campaign,” said Mike Long, Wrobel General Manager. All of us share a deep pride in the quality of the work we produce and the quality of our company—and Eastern Bank has been a partner in Wrobel’s success. But, we are more happy for Elizabeth and the attention and admiration she is receiving because of this campaign. From the moment each of us walked through door, she has treated us like family and asked only that we be the best at what we do. She is helping each one of us live our American Dream.”

Radio spots featuring Wrobel Engineering will run through the Summer. Television ads and billboards are expected be begin appearing in the Fall of 2018.

For more information about Wrobel Engineering or to schedule a tour of the Wrobel facility, please contact Michael Long, General Manager, at 774-296-8339, mlong@wrobeleng.com. “Come as a visitor, leave as a customer.”

Full Radio-Spot

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About Wrobel Engineering

Established in 1976, Wrobel Engineering is now a global, full-service resource for precision CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication services including engineering, prototyping, tool & die, silk screening, electromechanical assembly, kitting, and kanban. Our staff and state-of-the-art 60,000 sq.ft. facilityare tested and driven by the most stringent quality certifications in the industry including ISO 9001:2015, ITAR, UL, Six Sigma, and PPAP. Our company and the products we make represent the finest in American-quality manufacturing.