• I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to visit your facility for a Supplier Audit. The audit resulted in (0) findings and (0) recommendations. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Wrobel Engineering will be listed as a Class 1 supplier on our approved supplier list.

  • I cannot believe you delivered these today! Great job, seeing that there was plating and assembly I never expected these here so quickly. Please extend my appreciation to your team.

  • I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and our company for the effort Wrobel put forth completing the extra three upper outer weldments that were needed to meet our year end commitment. Wrobel always puts the customer needs first with such a seamless effort. In the market today, especially in today's economy, there are many sheet metal houses that are jockeying for the position as our supplier. Partners, such as Wrobel stand apart from the ordinary crowd and provide a higher level of service and support. This niche is a very valuable trait and should continue to provide you with loyal customers. I would also like to recognize one of your customer service employees for his constant effort to support our products.

  • Wrobel did an EXCELLENT job supporting our new kanban strategy which was to have all the material available to be pulled this month. They achieved this and had the majority of the kanban's restocked by the end of the month. Wrobel did an outstanding job supporting our company.

  • Our visit to Wrobel went well. We were definitely impressed by how clean and organized your facility was. It is nice to know that your company is woman owed and a family business. Thank you for making us feel welcomed and part of your family.

  • Thanks again for all of your efforts in getting the cost reduction box available for review. The meeting was a tremendous success. Wrobel is standing tall in support of our program and it is both well recognized and appreciated.